What Is The Only Way To Become Anxiety Disorder Free?

Answer: Simple science applied correctly!

TLM will erase your disorder... but you don't have to believe us...

... listen to the 1000's of clients that have recovered in REVIEWS above

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You will be given simple-to-use instruction in how to switch anxiety off today - using simple science to remove it completely.

The response to that instructions switches off overthinking, phobias, obsessions, low mood, eating disorders, health anxiety, fear of dying, fear of fainting, Pure O, HOCD, POCD, ROCD, self harming and all disordered emotional responses.

There are NO...

...face your fear tactics or paper bag techniques
...coping strategies or anxiety management
...meditation or hypnosis
...relaxation or breathing exercises
...talking therapy or exposure therapy age mumbo jumbo
...diary keeping, writing or rating your anxiety
...analysis or counselling
...distraction or diversion
...discussion, analyzing or delving into your past
...NONE of what has failed you so far

Is it simple? Is it fast? Can it fail? 

TLM was created to fit in with any lifestyle for people of any age.
It was developed to use by anyone at home, at school or at work.
It will work even if you are having any other therapy or treatment.
It will work whether you take medication or not.
It will work even if you can't leave home.
As the process is the only solution... you just have to do it.
It will work even if there are things stressing you out.
It's like eating to cure hunger... it's simple science.
It will become obvious why other things have failed you.
The only reason for failure is not doing it.

Simple, science based, recovery instructions & support

Recovery - ONE Science - ONE Solution

The science of recovery is fixed in every human

No matter what you 'try' only one process within you can remove anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood.

Relaxation, hypnosis, medication, talking-therapy, counselling won't work... can't work... only ONE process works.


Anxiety is the disorder of the emotion of fear.

Fear is natural and necessary, anxiety is not. Anxiety can be removed.

TLM erases the 'disordered' part of your fear responses, taking away the 'what ifs', catastrophic overthinking, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood... it's the only way for your brain to recover


PLEASE read this very carefully because it is the KEY to your recovery.
If you ignore it, you'll be rejecting science and fast relief.

We know that you have probably 'had your fill' of treatments and advice, but THIS advice is different... life changing in fact.

We know how 'fed up' you are... we know because we have 'been there' too... we understand what YOU experience so deeply.

The undeniable, scientific truth is... that if you TELL your mind that fear is not required IT HEARS YOU and switches off anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood. In seconds.

This is simple science and the reason why all you have previously tried has failed!

How do you tell your mind to switch off 'disorder'?


Your emotions are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system activates everything in your body and mind that happen without your conscious control; for example, breathing, circulation, digestion, hormones AND your emotions.

These are all outside of your conscious control...

try slowing your heart...
try speeding up your digestion
try slowing hormone release...

you can't do it... and that's a good thing!

This system exists to keep you alive and fully functional whether you are awake or asleep.

Your emotions (fear, but in your case fear disorder) are activated and controlled in this way.

That's just simple human biology.


The autonomic nervous system can only be influenced and adjusted in one way.

It listens to only ONE set of commands coming from ONE place. This is pre-set by human evolution. It's hard-wired into the circuits of your brain.

It CANNOT be influenced or adjusted by thoughts, talking therapy, medication, hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, eye movements, tapping, exposure, analysis, breathing exercises or anything else.

ALL of these 'treatments' are like treating a headache by wrapping your head in a bandage... nonsensical!

In other words, if you are doing those things, they CANNOT work... the process that activates and deactivates emotions (and therefore anxiety conditions) isn't even slightly 'touched' by them.

OK, some of them might REASSURE you... and reassurance means temporarily feeling less 'anxious'... but that's short-lived and also not at all what you need or want!

It's actually preventing your natural recovery.

ALSO... if you are doing these things, you are doing lots of unnecessary hard work, possibly upsetting yourself, wasting time, wasting emotional energy and spending lots of unnecessary money.

The REAL solution is, not only, easier... it works fast, it's natural, it's interesting and exciting to do and it's what your brain and body are waiting for.

When people start doing it correctly, the relief is immediate, it's exciting and because your fear levels drop, it's transformational!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: We are not blindly dismissing these other techniques, we are stating scientific, evidence based fact. If you have used any of these therapies, you will know they haven't removed your disorders.



Every recovered sufferer has done the EXACT same thing to erase their anxiety.

That may have happened without them knowing it.

It might have happened while they were also having other therapies.

It happens despite medication or any other intervention... but it happens through ONE process.

The emotions have just ONE control mechanism.

Like eating to remove hunger, this process cannot and will not fail - any other treatment will.

That's just simple human biology!

In effect, your anxiety disorder is your brain sending 'hunger' signals.

Your brain is asking for something... and we will show you how to provide what it wants in the correct way, so that it's satisfied fast... and permanently.

In TLM we will explain the simple science and how to USE IT... rather than IT USING YOU!

This isn't 'our science' - it's just science... simple science... the science that will change your life!

This CANNOT fail... if you are human and anxious it will switch off your disorder completely. That's just the way evolution 'set us up'.

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We will teach you to DOMINATE your emotional responses

No matter how terrified, phobic, obsessive or low you feel right now, you will be shown how to take back immediate, total control of your emotions, your thoughts and your physical body and give clear, simple instructions to your mind that YOU are in charge and in control.

You will be totally anxiety disorder free

Eliminating your anxiety using TLM will:

• Wake up calm and in control
• Show you how to totally control ALL your emotional responses
• Remove your anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias
• Remove overthinking, procrastination and worry
• Completely erase any anxious symptoms and/or thoughts
• Destroy phobias and obsessions permanently
• Remove feelings and thoughts which plague you every day
• Stop your focus on illness and/or death
• Prevent anxiety from ruling your life
• Stop you monitoring your body and how you feel
• Allow you to feel fulfilled in life and happy every day
• Build your confidence to above what it was before you had anxiety

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I love what I do because our team change lives...

Doing this will have another amazing side-effect, it will make you stronger, more focused, more resourceful and emotionally balanced and content than ever before.
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The Cycle of Fear

If you look at the graphic above, you will see that THOUGHT is not involved in this process... fear (anxiety) is activated before thought happens.

Do you see that if you could STOP your brain from perceiving your symptoms and thoughts as 'dangerous', you can STOP your anxiety disorder?

When you do this with repetition (and it is so simple to achieve), you force your mind to switch off anxiety and completely erase your disorder.

Whether you have anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions or low mood, they will deactivate completely. This is the only way to achieve this.

LAR and TLM...

LAR is the only accredited anxiety therapy. LAR is classified as psycho-educational recovery and was developed in the late 90's by a team of educators, psychologists and psychotherapists working in the field of mental health recovery. Practitioners are accredited by the NCFE, the oldest educational awarding body in the UK, at a professional level.

TLM is the delivery programme for LAR therapy. ARR Retreats ( are the residential delivery of LAR therapy.

LAR Therapy falls into NICE guidelines CG113 for guided self-help and psycho-educational recovery and the Stepped Care Model.
Some of our wonderful Linden Method Recovery Ambassadors
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The Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Obsessions,
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For all conditions of the emotions

Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing based on science and experience