Anxiety & Chest Pain - Reassurance & Relief



I can tell you right now that if you are experiencing anxiety chest pains, it's not a heart problem!
Do you experience:
    •    Pain around your chest or breasts?
    •    Sharp pains around your ribs?
    •    Dull aching pain in the center of your chest?
    •    Deep pain as if they are in your chest cavity?
    •    Sharp pains anywhere across your upper body?
    •    Pains in your collar bones?
    •    Pains in your armpits?
    •    Numbness, heaviness, pain or tingling in your arms?
    •    Pain or tingling in your fingers?
    •    Racing heart, palpitations or missed beats?
    •    Sweating, dizziness or faintness?
My name is Charles Linden and let me first tell you that - "BEEN THERE!" - for 27 years I suffered just the same way!

The chest pain is a symptom of an anxiety disorder... FACT!

I had anxiety related chest pain in varying levels of intensity throughout 27 years of high anxiety and had every possible test for everything from cardiac to gastrointestinal issues, hernias, stomach ulcers... you name the test and at some point between the ages of 8 and 27, I had it!

They never found anything of concern and that has been the outcome of every test for chest pains my anxious clients have ever had; in over 24 years of treating over 300,000 people.

I was rushed to hospital so many times and guess what? They found NOTHING except anxiety related chest pain!

Over the last years, thousands of people and most of my clients, with anxiety chest pains have been rushed to hospital in ambulances, or to the doctors with suspected heart problems, they felt short of breath, their hearts raced, they felt clammy, dizzy and scared (to name but a few symptoms) and guess what?

NOT ONE of them turned out to have anything wrong with them...

...except normal and expected anxiety-related chest pain!
Anxiety chest pain is so common and completely harmless.

In fact, this chest pain usually turns out to be nothing more than muscle pain, indigestion, tension and sometimes nerve pain, ALL caused by the underlying anxiety disorder.

Anxiety chest pain can be sharp, dull, in the center, to the side or all round the chest.

Chest pains can extend into the neck and shoulders, round the back of the head and down into the stomach area.
Anxiety chest pains can come and go, come and stay or twinge occasionally. I have heard possibly every description and variation of anxiety related chest pain there is.

Through my private practice, the Linden Method clients we have helped and through our residential retreats and events, I have met tens of thousands of sufferers suffering with high anxiety conditions... 99% of them also experience chest pain at some point or, in some cases, constantly.

I experienced anxiety chest pain too; first dull and deep... this turned out to be anxious indigestion and then later it became sharper and the pain extended into my throat and down my left arm. Sometimes it would be in my upper ribs and around my collar bone.

Then my arm would go numb or tingly and would often feel heavy!

I sometimes had pain in my arm or hand and this sometimes went down into my fingers or thumbs.
Do you google?

When I had these symptoms, I would panic - I'd get on the internet and research... googling 'chest pain' and guess what I found... the same as you probably!

Catastrophic outcomes - none of which had anything to do with me and my symptoms but caused me to feel WORSE... not only that but it would activate anxiety, sometimes a panic attack and often a compulsion to get 'diagnosed'.

Google, in fact all search negines have a lot to answer for - There is a massive amount of misinformation out there and you CANNOT diagnose yourself using the internet... you will just make things far worse for yourself.

BUT I can tell you this with 100% conviction... THEY GO AWAY AS SOON AS YOU START TO REDUCE THE ANXIETY!

Obsessing about your anxiety chest pains creates anxiety, anxiety creates the chest pain and the cycle continues.

Most of my clients start to see improvement in their anxiety chest pain within hours or maybe a few days of starting my program.

As they start to understand and appreciate how anxiety chest pain develops, is formed and what it can do to us in order to produce all these symptoms, they start to make dramatic and full recoveries.

Don't let anyone tell you that you need therapy or medication to cure anxiety chest pain... you may feel desperate and prepared to take anything to make your life easier and the anxiety more bearable, BUT trust me, medication isn't the solution.

I have treated tens of thousands of people - people just like you and I - with the same anxiety chest pains, symptoms and thoughts, the same worries and concerns.

After a decade of suffering chest pain, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and all the associated symptoms, I BEAT IT!
Find out how The Linden Method will rid you of anxiety and panic related chest pains.

If it doesn't work, I'll refund you every penny!

That's how certain I am that we will cure you!

charles pure O expert

"The solution is very simple. You have to do what myself and thousands of other Globus sufferers we have helped have done to recover.

You see, Globus Hystericus cannot be present in the absence of anxiety. We remove anxiety disorders by activating the body's only way to recover.

Medication, talking therapy, tapping etc. cannot remove anxiety disorders any more than tickling your feet will cure a back ache... they are so unscientific and nonsensical. The only way to remove Globus is to turn off inappropriate fear responses in the brain. I did it and we have shown over 300,000 people how to do it too.

Charles Linden
Director LTE

Dr Romulo Vadez
Harvard medical centre says...

Jenny Brookes - Head of Training

Psychologist MSc. MA BPS - Linden Tree Head of Training & Education
As a psychologist working in practice, I am compelled by the thousands of recoveries we produce at TLM and the Retreats. Recovery isn't a word often used in psychology or psychiatry, because most patients don't get to experience the recovery they hoped for. I have been at Linden Tree since 2002 and the word recovery is used daily, because we produce recovery and in great numbers. We all adore what we do because what we do works more effectively than anything else available.

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