Cannabis - Anxiety Disorder & Panic Attacks

Cannabis & Anxiety Disorders



Did you smoke Marijuana and develop anxiety, panic attacks, phobias or obsessions?

Do you feel your mind will never return to normal?

Why does marijuana cause people to develop an anxiety disorder?

No matter what you call it, marijuana, weed, cannabis, skunk... it's a powerful drug capable of activating anxiety disorders and causing havoc in your life.

Do you feel anxious, panicky, spaced out, phobic or are you suffering from obsessive thoughts since smoking weed?

Join a large and ever-growing club of people who thought it wouldn't cause a problem because 'everyone does it'. 

Many can smoke it and experience the normal, accepted symptoms and over time it can cause issues with reaction times, cognition, memory and more. For many, however, smoking cannabis can lead to severe anxiety related issues.

Hi, my name is Charles Linden and I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, obsessions, phobias and eating disorders for over 27 years of my life.

They took away my liberty and my dignity for years. Then I removed them all completely.

I also smoked cannabis but I was already anxious so whether it made things worse or not, is is impossible to know. People told me that it would help my anxiety... now, after 25 years helping people to recover from anxiety conditions, I know that simply isn't the case.

REASSURANCE: Despite how you feel, we can fix it!

In 1997 I discovered a way to remove these disorders and since then, I have helped over 360,000 people to recover; and it doesn't matter whether cannabis caused it or not!

I now have a team of the most amazing anxiety recovery specialists who help me to bring this program to the anxiety sufferers of the world.

Let me first explain that anxiety affects every sufferer in different ways; however, there is a small group of symptoms which are common to most sufferers. Anxiety and the degree to which they affect the sufferer, are dependent on a number of factors, the most important of which being age, genetic makeup and fitness level. But these factors are irrelevant as anxiety will be removed as fully and quickly regardless.

So what has 'weed' done to cause your anxiety disorder?

Actually, marijuana has changed very little in your mind, despite it sometimes feeling like you are losing control of your emotions, mind and body.

Cannabis hasn't caused the anxiety disorder... it was just a catalyst - the activator if you like. It activated it but it didn't CAUSE it.

NOW... stop worrying.... I know you are anxious but anxiety isn't fear... it's false fear.

Now that you have found us, you can rest assured that we have helped thousands like you to get completely back to normal fast.

You see, when you smoked weed, you opened a, kind of, doorway in your mind... neural pathways that allowed your subconscious mind to make adjustments to the way it controls emotional responses.

We all know that Cannabis use can cause paranoia... so, there it is!

Do you see that paranoia is a fear response? 

BUT, not everyone who smokes Cannabis experiences an anxiety disorder... that's because not all people can develop an anxiety condition!

Anxiety after smoking cannabis is NOT dangerous and it is TOTALLY reversible... so don't start fretting.

If anyone has told you different... ignore them... I don't care how medically qualified they are, if they are stating that you have to be medicated, have therapy or will be 'like this' for the rest of your life and need 'coping strategies'... they haven't got a clue what they are talking about.

How can I state this so strongly? It's very simple... because for over two decades we have been researching and treating tens of thousands of people just like you and have created the only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

Yes, you have developed an anxiety disorder, but you haven't caused permanent damage to your mental health and what you are experiencing is absolutely 'normal' for a person with a mind like yours.

You see, only certain people can suffer from anxiety disorders and we are quite an elite bunch.

YOU are suffering because you activated an anxiety disorder but we will show you why you suffer, how this happened and exactly how to reverse it fast.

How do anxiety disorders develop?

Anxiety disorders develop when your mind adjusts your emotional responses as a result of receiving instruction from your senses.

Smoking cannabis activated a chemical messenger in your brain, which told the emotions control centre that a 'threat' was present... even though it wasn't.

You knew consciously that no threat was present but, unfortunately, your mind doesn't accept conscious instructions and despite what you KNEW, your brain felt threatened... activating the fight or flight response and your anxiety disorder.

I know this all sounds outside of your normal field of knowledge but let me reassure you that anxiety disorders that are activated as a result of smoking marijuana are the most common scenario we hear from our clients (especially young ones) and that they recover in exactly the same way as anyone else.

You were born with a predisposition to suffer from an anxiety disorder... it was likely that at some point during your life, the anxiety disorder would activate... cannabis was the catalyst that activated it in you.

Does that make sense?

Whilst, consciously, you know that you shouldn't feel the way you do... your subconscious mind doesn't know it's doing anything wrong.

You see, you cannot control your emotional responses through 'thought' and you certainly wont become anxiety free by talking about it!

The mind and body are preset to erase your anxiety disorder and to put in place neurology that will protect you from ever suffering again.


TO REITERATE - You have not developed a 'mental illness'... you are completely 'well'... it is just that you have temporarily adjusted the way you respond emotionally.

Despite the strange/ianppropriate thoughts, derealization, depersonalization, panic, phobias, obsessions, low mood or anything else you currently experience, you will be fine and you will soon see clearly that cannabis has activated an anxiety disorder but that anxiety disorder can be deactivated very quickly indeed.

Is there a treatment for anxiety disorders activated by cannabis?


What psychology and medicine ignore is that anxiety is inappropriate fear, NOT an illness.

By removing the core 'disorder', the anxiety, and returning you to normal fear responses, you erase the disorder completely.

This is how I recovered and it's how every recovered sufferer recovered.

Not through medication or therapy... through simple human biology... your natural 'anxiety off switch'. The only reason you haven't flicked it to OFF yet, is because no one has told you where it is and how to do it.

If kids of seven can do this... you can too even though your disorder was activated through marijuana use... honestly... that's completely irrelevant.

EVERY single person who has EVER suffered and recovered HAD TO go through this process!

Just in the same way as there is only one cure for cut skin (the body's ability to send new skin cells to the gap and close it), there is only one way to 'switch off' an anxiety disorder.

Despite what you have been told, medication, therapy, hypnosis, relaxations/meditation etc. cannot, will not and do not, cure anxiety disorders. If you have had other therapies before... they have failed... and there is a sound, scientific reason why! Because they are unscientific and misguided.

We have tapped in to real science; simple science... and 25 years of practice and nearly 370,000 clients has shown us the definitive way to remove anxiety completely.

My wife, my team and myself run the world's only accredited, dedicated anxiety recovery and recovery practitioner training organisation... and now we want to help you!


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