Anxiety Attack Symptoms

anxietyattacksymptoms Oct 30, 2021

What are anxiety attack symptoms & what can you do about them?

Anxiety Attacks Symptoms

Allow me to fully explain the truth about why you experience panic attacks symptoms and high anxiety

Dear anxiety sufferer,

my name is Charles Linden and I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, obsessions, phobias and eating disorders for over 22 years of my life.

They took away my liberty and my dignity for years. Then I removed them all completely.

In 1997 I discovered a way to cure these disorders and since then, I have helped over 360,000 people to recover. 

I now have a team of the most amazing anxiety recovery specialists who help me to bring this program to the anxiety sufferers of the world.

Let me first explain that anxiety attack symptoms affect every sufferer in different ways; however, there is a small group of symptoms which are common to most sufferers.

Anxiety attacks symptoms and the degree to which they affect the sufferer, are dependent on a number of factors, the most important of which being age, genetic makeup and fitness level.

But how long you have suffered from anxiety attack symptoms is irrelevant as is the intensity of the symptoms.

Common anxiety attacks symptoms include

Shortness of breath or smothering sensations
Chest pain
Palpitations and/or racing 
Muscle pains or tingling
Upset stomach
Urgency to urinate
Visual disturbances
Dry mouth
Sense of impending doom
Fear of dying or losing consciousness
Fear of going mad
Facial numbness
Generalised anxiety
Agoraphobia or social phobia
Low self esteem
Health anxiety
Eating disorders
Self harming

But what are these symptoms?

To start with, here's a fun fact.... they ARE NOT symptoms.

How can that be? It's simple... for them to be symptoms, anxiety disorders would need to be 'illnesses' and they are not... they are disorders.

Fear is the natural and necessary human emotion, anxiety is not an emotion, it's a disorder of the emotion of fear. 

They are actually fear disorders, not anxiety disorders. You can't have a 'disorder of a disorder'.

Anxiety attacks symptoms are in fact, normal and expected experiences during fight or flight but, over time, they manifest more often and with increased intensity. That doesn't change what they are; just how they feel.

As you can see in the diagram on the right, anxiety disorders utilise about 70% of your physical and mental resources... it's no wonder you feel depleted!

By the way, depression is not a symptom of panic attacks, so the sadness, frustration or desperation you are feeling is a perfectly appropriate response to your condition and NOT clinical depression, so anyone who tells you otherwise is badly misinformed.

How are anxiety attacks symptoms formed?

Panic attacks symptoms form when the fight or flight response is activated inappropriately. 

When no REAL threat is present, adrenalin is not 'used up' fighting or fleeing, so a panic attack activates to use up all that excess adrenalin. 

As the panic attack activates and the underlying anxiety disorder reinforces that it is appropriate (even though you know it isn't), every square millimetre of your body and mind respond.

The digestive tract is affected, respiration quickens, circulation quickens, hormones are released, muscle tone changes, senses heighten... all fighting a 'false threat'.

As the mind detects these changes, it interprets them as 'threat' and releases fear... fear creates symptoms, symptoms create fear... and the cycle continues.

Does that make sense?

You know that you shouldn't feel this way but you are powerless to consciously take control of your fear... or are you?

Please understand this, it's vital to your recovery... I repeat...

High anxiety causes a panic attack, the panic attack symptoms cause you to worry, this causes more anxiety as the panic attack symptoms are assessed to be risk by your subconscious and so on.

Fear causes panic attack symptoms, causing fear, causing symptoms.... the crazy cycle of fear!

TO REITERATE - Anxiety attacks happen in order to release or 'use up' adrenalin - anxiety attack symptoms are like a release valve on a pressure cooker.

Once you have an anxiety disorder and an anxiety attack happens, if you fear the next, you create a subconscious connection in your neurology and this can cause phobias like agoraphobia (fear of being away from a person or place of perceived safety) or monophobia (fear of being alone)... once a panic disorder activates, it's impossible to regain control through talking therapies, counselling or reassurance and medication just makes the problem worse and the panic attack symptoms 'cycle'. 

Anxiety attack symptoms are disturbing and wide reaching but panic disorders can be cured completely if you just know how to 'de-program' it in your subconscious mind.

I know, I had thousands of panic attacks over 27 years and cured them in ONE DAY!

Don't ever believe that it takes a long time or is impossible to become panic attacks free... whoever tells you that through ignorance and incompetence, not through science or knowledge.

I have helped tens of thousands to cure their panic attacks symptoms in hours. This is why I am often backstage on films, TV or stage sets... it's why I am trusted to cure famous people world-over... it's how I have helped well over 260,000 people to recover.

Is there a treatment for panic attacks symptoms?


What psychology and medicine ignore is that panic attack symptoms are features of inappropriate fear, NOT illness.

By removing the core 'disorder', the anxiety, and returning you to normal fear responses, you erase panic attacks completely.

This is how I recovered and it's how every recovered sufferer recovered.

Not through medication or therapy... through simple human biology... your natural 'anxiety off switch'. The only reason you haven't flicked it to OFF yet, is because no one has told you where it is and how to do it.

If kids of seven can do this... you can too.

EVERY single person who has EVER suffered and recovered HAD TO go through this process!

I asked a psychologist recently... "how many panic attacks sufferers have you cured or met?"

His answer... "You can't cure panic attacks"... to which I replied... "Well I haven't had one for 21 years and I have had car crashes, life trauma and tribulations... but haven't, since that day, even felt 'anxious'... fear yes... anxiety NO.

All our cured clients feel the same way!"

He then asked me how we cure panic attacks... did he really think I was going to tell him after he has spent 17 years treating sufferers with CBT and has never seen a single recovery in his clients! No way.


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