What is The Linden Method?


We are a team of experts made up of health and wellbeing professionals, psychology specialists and educators. We are also ex-sufferers who know how it feels to suffer, but also know how to create fast recovery.

As proactive health and wellbeing program providers and consultants, we have offered day-one practical solutions to overcome all disordered emotional responses. Our services and solutions are time, people, NHS and independently tested and provide, by far, the most effective solution to 95% of all categorised mental health conditions.

Since 1997, over 350,000 people have used TLM and over 30 million others have accessed our residential retreats and programs

We were the first ever remote mental health facility offering online, app, remote access and ZOOM mental; health support and guidance.

LAR Therapy, which is the therapy behind The Linden Method and all of our Workshop and Residential Retreat programs, is the World's only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy.
What does that mean for you?
The science of The Linden Method is the science of the emotions - it is the only recovery therapy that addresses anxiety directly and removes your disorders scientifically - and for that reason... it cannot fail.

LAR Therapy is administered by mental health practitioners with a professional level qualification as an LAR Recovery Practitioner.

Although our support team are all psychologists and psychotherapists, what we practice is psycho-educational... not psychology. This is why what we do works so effectively... it makes sense to sufferers and is based on actual science not the bastardisation of science used widely, which produces no measurable recovery results. We treat the core condition, not the symptoms.

Since 1997, we have been providing recovery programs for people suffering from a wide range of emotional disorders.
We provide app, web-app, workshop and residential recovery solutions and our reputation over 25 years is for fast recovery, which is why we work with top actors, singing stars, musicians, sports people and company executives all around the world.
Over 350,000 people have now used TLM and the numbers are growing rapidly as we receive increasing numbers of medical and psychological referrals from those who dismiss counselling and psychotherapy, medications and other therapies due to lack of recovery success.

Recognition of the vast difference between the recovery rates we produce and the lack of such in other practices, lead well-meaning practitioners to refer directly to us in order to move their patients down a more definite recovery pathway. We receive referrals through NHS practitioners, private practice, educational facilities and other sources. Why? Because we produce real recovery results.

Linden Tree Education is a CPD accredited educational facility. Our team are LAR accredited, CPD accredited, MBACP and BPS mental health professionals.

Some more facts to consider

  • TLM was tested by the NHS and proven to have an average evocativeness of total recovery (GAD7 reduction from 18.24 to 2.84)
  • TLM was created to fit in with any lifestyle for people of any age.
  • There's no 'effort' - your mind wants to be anxiety free and the process slips into your normal routines.
  • It includes children's materials and guidance for parents.
  • It was developed to use by anyone at home, in education or at work.
  • It fits into your day without having to 'make time'.
  • It will work even if you are having any other therapy or treatment.
  • It will work whether you take medication or not.
  • It will work even if you can't leave home.
  • It will work even if there are things 'stressing you out'.
  • It's like eating to cure hunger... it's simple science.
  • It will become obvious why other things have failed you.
  • Our team are all mental health professionals with 1000's of hours experience. (BACP/BPS)
  • The only reason for failure is not doing it.


*The NHS is the UK's government National Health Service.
References: Spitzer R.L., Kroenke K., Williams J.B. and Löwe, B. (2006). A brief measure for assessing generalized anxiety disorder: the GAD-7. Archives of Internal Medicine, 22 (10), pp. 1092- 1097.

Beth Linden - Director. Linden Tree Educatiion


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