The Amgdala

The amygdala active your fear - they activate your anxiety and they activate every phobia, compulsion, intrusive thought, missed heart beat and every other anxiety symptom and thought you experience.


You can remove your disordered fear responses fast...

One process prevents fear and removes fear disorder.

That process is programmed into you naturally. Medication, therapy, hypnosis, relaxation, tapping, EMDR nor any other intervention acts on that process, which is why they never cure anyone. 

The process can't fail because it is guaranteed by human biology - all you have to do is follow the instructions and recovery happens naturally.

We have parcelled those instructions up in easy to watch videos - most people say they can feel their anxiety, phobias and all of the symptoms slipping away with every video they watch.

This process will lead you to full recovery and it's all contained within The Linden Method.

You will also receive professional guidance, reassurance and advice to make recovery fast and full.

Jenny Brookes - Head of Training

Psychologist MSc. MA BPS - Linden Tree Head of Training & Education
As a psychologist working in practice, I am compelled by the thousands of recoveries we produce at TLM and the Retreats. Recovery isn't a word often used in psychology or psychiatry, because most patients don't get to experience the recovery they hoped for. I have been at Linden Tree since 2002 and the word recovery is used daily, because we produce recovery and in great numbers. We all adore what we do because what we do works more effectively than anything else available.

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