Fast Relief from Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder

The scientific, simple, common sense solution to panic and anxiety attacks

We've helped over 380,000 people just like you to stop panic attacks

  • Learn how to switch off adrenal response before it activates a panic attack
  • Adjust your fear levels to prevent adrenalin levels from increasing and becoming anxiety disorder, phobias or obsessions
  • Rebalance your physical and mental wellness
  • Prevent the intrusive, racing thoughts that plague you

Be calm and back on track within minutes.

Get access to the app & get started right away.

This is your ever-present emergency resource that will get you back on track, back to life and back to work in minutes.

If your panic attacks prevent you from living life to the full, this is the app for you.

All of its amazing resources will get you back to your 'old self' - fast.

What you'll get:
  • A video that will transform the way you perceive your panic attacks
  • Simple panic attack reduction and recovery instructions. 
  • Seven video files to talk you down at the onset of a panic attack and get you back to normal, removing adrenalin from your bloodstream to get you feeling calm again. Fast
  • Audio visualizations for confidence, relaxation, insomnia, empowerment and more.

Developed over 24 years of practice, these tools will quickly reduce the overwhelming, high-level symptoms of panic attacks. This membership is for lifetime access.

The app can be accessed on any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

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"The app changed my life in a day! It's so sensible, scientific and effective. Thank you!" Karen G. Los Angeles

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