Is The Linden Method too Good to be True?

Rejecting TLM would be a big mistake.... why?

Because we are SO, SO different to other psychological practices that may have failed you...

The number one reason to listen is - SCIENCE.
Allow us to explain.
Psychology, psychiatry and medicine ignored the science of emotional control (regulation) - because this science is mainly with endocrinology and not at all in the 'mind', they don't understand or use the science that causes your anxiety condition.
The reason they 'treat' anxiety conditions is because a very long time ago, no one knew what to do about anxious people, nor did they understand WHY they had too much fear - because anxiety FEELS like it's in a person's head, they asked people who study psychology to look at it. They wanted to find a treatment - not a solution, a treatment.
Think about how many treatments you have tried. Have they cured you? No? Then, logically, they're not 'treatments' are they?
If you feel anxious, there are many things that make you feel better 'in the moment'... a hug, a loving conversation, a funny film... but are they cures?
No... why? because they disrupt anxiety but they do not reach the cause of your anxiety. Psychology has the same effect... it's a distraction but not a cure.
They came up with a big BLANK - But that didn't stop them from capitalising on the ignorance of anxious people - so they made up a therapy that reassures people and in doing so their patients realised that reassurance reduces fear - and with that, 'they had them on the hook'.
But reassurance isn't recovery - but it pays them!
Now that we present the REAL science - they don't like it - but our clients recover without exception - when they understand it and do it.
MORE evidence of recovery outcomes than any other professional mental health organisation.

We only employ highly qualified psychology professionals.
Our team is made up of psychologists and psychotherapists.

We are a registered learning organisation.

We are Trading Standards Partners in Primary Authority.
We know that medication, psychology, counselling, hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, CBT, medication and perhaps other treatments have failed you.

We know that because they don't address your issues directly... they are, at best, placebos, reassurance and a friendly face... but they can't remove your disorder.

You KNOW what helps you and you know that these things may offer reassurance BUT, you still suffer so what's the point.

It's frustrating and it wastes your time (and probably your money)

You need scientific, simple and permanent recovery!

Our psychological team will never teach coping, management and reassurance - they suffered like you once and they want you to recover fast so they will only ever focus on recovery..

No tricks or tips - simple recovery psychology that actually works.

NO other psychological practice can demonstrate the success that we do.

If you don't trust that statement, go and look for any other qualified practitioners with thousands of testimonials, doctor and psychologist reviews, celebrity reviews and REAL evidence that they can create recovery... and then come back.

You won't find them!

We're different because...

Since 1997 we've helped over 350,000 people from around the world
We are the only Recovery Psychology practice
We demonstrated 100% recovery effectiveness in university led trials
We are Trading Standards Partners - Primary Authority
We are CPD accredited - Registered provider of CPD programs
We provide Online, Workshop and Residential Recovery programs
Our support is provided by accredited mental health professionals
We have 1000's of celebrity, client and medical reviews & testimonials
We are publishers of 100's of TV, audio, video, web and printed resources
We provide lifetime access to all programs, resources and materials
We have an unmatched, international reputation for creating real results
...we create unmatched, simple, fast recovery

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