The Linden Method Pillars

PLEASE NOTE: The Pillars are only a small part of The Linden Method and won't, in any way, produce any recovery or reduction of symptoms when used alone. (There are ten by the way!)

Dear anxiety sufferer,

If you have been led to believe that implementing the Linden Method Pillars on their own will, in any way, cure your anxiety... you have been led astray!

The Linden Method's Pillars are a very small part of The Linden Method programme. TLM will remove anxiety completely BUT ONLY if you do it correctly.

Using the Pillars on their own will not reduce your anxiety but using The Linden Method will remove all anxiety issues at their core for life.


If you ride a motorcycle, you have to learn the act of riding it and staying upright and on it, you have to learn to use the controls effectively, you have to apply the breaks, squeeze the clutch and decelerate at the same time. etc. ... like driving a car, the act of riding a motorcycle takes time and practice.

Once you can stay on the motorcycle and control it correctly, you can go out on the open road.

At that point, more rules come into play... namely the Highway Code.

If DOING The Linden Method correctly is like learning the physical act of riding a motorcycle... the Pillars are like the street signs that stop you doing things that may harm yourself and others.



The Linden Method Pillars are signposts that prevent you from doing TLM incorrectly.

If you use them without the rest of the programme resources, which cannot be downloaded anywhere, viewed anywhere or stolen from anywhere... they can only be received from us directly through our TLM member portal... they will not work.

People list the Pillars on websites, conning people into believing that they will cure them... they won't.

BY THE WAY - Anyone providing any element of TLM or gaining access to it through any other means than through our portal is breaking copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws and will be pursued in a court of law. If anyone has provided you with it illegally... contact us please.


What do you need in order to recover fully and quickly?

Now, you may not use all of these resources but you don't know what you will need until you start.

You need the introductory instruction.
You need the structure guidance.
You need the recovery resources.
You need the webinars.
You need the first aid panic and agoraphobia stoppers.
You need the constant access to our qualified coaches.

You need the right advice, in the right format, at the right time.

If you do as we say, in the way we say... it will be simple and effective... but if you take that advice from elsewhere to save time or money... you are wasting your time and money.

TLM is a recovery therapy, not a book, audio file or download

TLM is the only accredited, dedicated anxiety recovery therapy... it is not just a list of Pillars.

Do not listen to anyone who thinks they have beaten the system by listing the Pillars... they haven't... they are misleading you.

All that will happen if you just apply the Pillars (if anything at all), is that you will get fed up and disheartened.

Over 20 years of practice and research, we have created THE solution that all anxiety disorder sufferer both need and want.

Don't try to shortcut the system... you'll just end up disappointed.

We will show you how to quickly and permanently erase your predisposition to suffering from anxiety disorders.

Charles Linden

Jenny Brookes - Head of Training

Psychologist MSc. MA BPS - Linden Tree Head of Training & Education
As a psychologist working in practice, I am compelled by the thousands of recoveries we produce at TLM and the Retreats. Recovery isn't a word often used in psychology or psychiatry, because most patients don't get to experience the recovery they hoped for. I have been at Linden Tree since 2002 and the word recovery is used daily, because we produce recovery and in great numbers. We all adore what we do because what we do works more effectively than anything else available.

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