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To all Anxiety Disorder Sufferers

Please read my letter to you first...

I hope you decide that this is the most important letter you have ever read

charles pure O expertDear Reader,

In February 1996, a 27 year old man was taken by his father to a psychiatrist appointment at Kidderminster hospital in Worcestershire UK. He was dramatically overweight and wheezing as he walked like an old, down-trodden man.

The psychiatrist's notes, which he later read, described him as unwashed and severely mentally ill, suffering with OCD anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and severe depression. 

After leaving is appointment he walked across the carpark to the day hospital where he went twice weekly to meet others in an anxiety disorder support group. 

His contamination issues were constant and overwhelming.

He had HOCD which, at times, tore his mind apart. He had ROCD and POCD, issues around eating and constant anxiety, punctuated by 8-10 panic attacks a day. He was living in a hellish, painful 'Groundhog Day' style purgatory.

He was medicated with mind-altering medication and felt detached from the world and yet, chronically scared.

Spending time with other sufferers reassured him somewhat, but spending time with sufferers from 18 to 73 years also, almost, convinced him that his psychiatrist was correct... that recovery IS impossible, that he would never lead an independent life, be married, have children or hold down a job and that managing his disorders with medication and therapy was, probably, the best possible prognosis. 

After two hours in the support group, making things from old toilet rolls and paper, he left and returned home.


...two weeks later he returned to the day centre. He was emotionally balanced and he was back to show the others how he did it.

He had lost weight. He had a fresh haircut, new clothes and had shaved off his beard.

He had showered every day since and no longer panicked at the sensation of water on his body.

He had returned to his university course, his agoraphobia had gone, his anxiety had gone, he hadn't had any panic attacks and every anxious symptom thought and sensation were gone.

On Monday of week two, he drove, alone, 120 miles to the city, to a present a meeting he had turned down the previous week due to his phobias and obsessions. This meeting led to a job offer as a division head in a newly formed telecoms Plc.

From a severe mental patient to a Plc division head... in under a week.

It seems unbelievable doesn't it!


So What Changed?


Well, first of all, I was that young man. 

My name is Charles Linden. That was 26 years ago and I am now 52.

On leaving the hospital that day, I realised that something had to change, otherwise I would probably be anxious  for the rest of my life... just like the 73 year old in the day hospital had been for over 60 years.

I couldn't and wouldn't accept that as my fate - and with respect and love... neither should YOU!

The following day, I followed my mum's advice and went to a volunteer centre to work - a try-out for a part time job.

I was anxious beyond belief. But like she said - "You might as well be there and anxious as st home and anxious."

She was right.

My anxiety, phobias and OCD, which focused mostly on contamination, my health and constant mental number and word games as well as overwhelming Pure O about sexuality, aggression and other really disturbing subjects, were 'off the scale'.

I won't go into details here, but suffice it to say that THAT DAY at the volunteer centre was the start of the new me and resulted in me changing and in some cases, saving, tens of thousands more lives.

I went through a day-long and life-changing series of events that quickly catapulted me out of 22 years of anxiety, OCD, Pure O, panic attacks, health anxiety and a miserable existence.

The process I discovered also happens to conform to every human science and the neurology of the emotions.

Totally scientific and incredibly simple.

And that is why I find myself here today presenting you with the fact that, despite what you have been told, despite the time you have suffered or any other factor...

I will show you exactly what I did and what I showed the other four sufferers at the day hospital, that moved me, them and over 300,000 other people to fast, scientific recovery from anxiety disorders.

The most unexpected element of this clients always recount back to us is summed up beautifully in a statement made by a 29 year-old client at an event recently.

She said:

"Charles, you told me that ,if I followed your instructions, that I'd suddenly be aware that my anxiety was no longer there and when that happens it would be hard for me to remember what it felt like and I didn't believe you. It seemed impossible. I started your program three weeks ago on a Friday night; the following day, Saturday, I got up, made breakfast for my family, did some washing, walked the dog with my family and at 2 O clock that afternoon I walked into our kitchen to find my husband crying. I hugged him and asked 'whatever is wrong' and his answer was... 'do you realise that you have been awake for 7 hours and you haven't washed your hands, checked the front door, taken your medication or mentioned your anxiety?' And Charles, no, I hadn't realised. At that point, I knew, I was done."

This short story perfectly highlights the core truth about recovery - it happens deep in the subconscious mind with such speed and permanence and you're not even aware of it... even after it's gone.

That's how natural it is.

"Suddenly, it just won't be there any more."

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