Globus Hystericus

Globus Hystericus - The annoying & worrying lump in your throat!

What causes Globus Hystericus and what can you do about it?

Do you suffer from...

  • a feeling like a lump in your throat (globus hystericus)
  • a sense that you cannot swallow effectively due to a 'blockage'?
  • a feeling like you CAN'T swallow when you need to?
  • a tight feeling around your throat?
    a sense that you shouldn't or can't eat in public?

Do you also feel...

  • anxious or panicky?
  • overwhelmed or stressed?
  • depressed or low?
  • lost or confused?
  • overly focused on your health?
  • worried that you are 'ill'?

It's not just you... millions have this condition and believe me when I tell you that it's so easily remedied!

Tens of millions of people around the world feel the same way, that I can assure you. I did once - in fact, for years!

Globus hystericus is one of the most common manifestations of anxiety disorder and in my experience over 16 years of helping anxiety and globus hystericus sufferers to recover, I have seen very few anxiety disorder sufferers who haven't, at some point, experienced globus hystericus.

BUT ALSO and most importantly, I have never seen a case that couldn't be cured - every case we have treated has become globus hystericus free.

So, what is Globus Hystericus?

OK, you have a persistent or intermittent lump in your throat or Globus Hystericus.

Let me explain what it is and then go on to explain what else you can do NOW to permanently get rid of it and the anxiety that fuels it.

Globus Hystericus usually manifests itself as a feeling of tightness in the throat, often, but not always, causing a feeling as if you have something stuck in your throat.

Many people experience this 'lump in the throat' when confronted by something sad or happy, such as during a wedding, an emotional film, or maybe when something very sad happens.

This is completely normal and happens as the result of the 'flight or fight' response. This 'anxiety' response is designed to assist us in times when 'real' danger is present, but, often it can also surface during times of stress and sadness.

If you experience Globus Hystericus regularly, even when no 'real' threat is present, it possibly means that you suffer from inappropriate anxiety levels, also called anxiety disorder.

Globus Hystericus is a tightening of the muscles around the throat area, that's all. It isn't that your throat is actually closing, that you will be prevented from breathing or eating... it is simply a symptom of anxiety. It's harmless and treatable through anxiety elimination.

It's harmless and so easily treatable - I have cured thousands of cases fully!

My name is Charles Linden and I suffered with Globus Hystericus for over 26 years.I remember how it all started. Aged 3, I was sent to kindergarten at a local Catholic Convent (I am not catholic however)... mum would send me off each day with my sandwich box and thermos flask full of warm soup... usually tomato!

On one occassion, I knocked my thermos flask off the table onto the floor and remember picking it up to hear the 'sssccchhh sssccchhh' sound of the broken glass lining. From that moment on, not only did I seive all my food and drink through my teeth to check it for 'contaminents' but I also experienced Globus hystericus most days till I was 26 years old.

The lump in my throat made me feel like I couldn't swallow anything and the sense that I was choking or smothering also, often, accompanied it.

I also often felt like I couldn't swallow and trying to often made it worse... this would sometimes cause me to panic.It was horrifying. Day and night I'd be focused on my throat... often checking it for lumps, stretching it out or touching it as I swallowed everything very carefully indeed. My school friends thought I was 'crazy'.

I KNOW you understand how I felt because you probably feel the same way!


I guarantee that when you implement what I tell you, your globus hystericus will FADE AWAY - TOTALLY and Permanently!!

Your anxiety fuels your globus hystericus and your anxiety can be eliminated so quickly if you just do as I instruct in my Linden Method program.

I promise you with total conviction that The Linden Method will, NOT ONLY, erase your throat issues but will remove every ounce of 'inappropriate emotion' you experience.

Anxiety, agoraphobia, fear, timidness, low mood, obsessions, phobias... they will ALL fade away!

Globus Hystericus is nothing to worry about... keep up the exercises and just consider what life would be like when I show you how to switch off your anxiety centrally... fast and guaranteed!

My program is an accredited therapy and IF you need guidance while using it, my team will be there, at any time, to guide and reassure you!It's so simple and you will truly love the results.

charles pure O expert

"The solution is very simple. You have to do what myself and thousands of other Globus sufferers we have helped have done to recover.

You see, Globus Hystericus cannot be present in the absence of anxiety. We remove anxiety disorders by activating the body's only way to recover.

Medication, talking therapy, tapping etc. cannot remove anxiety disorders any more than tickling your feet will cure a back ache... they are so unscientific and nonsensical. The only way to remove Globus is to turn off inappropriate fear responses in the brain. I did it and we have shown over 300,000 people how to do it too.

Charles Linden
Director LTE

Dr Romulo Vadez
Harvard medical centre says...

Jenny Brookes - Head of Training

Psychologist MSc. MA BPS - Linden Tree Head of Training & Education
As a psychologist working in practice, I am compelled by the thousands of recoveries we produce at TLM and the Retreats. Recovery isn't a word often used in psychology or psychiatry, because most patients don't get to experience the recovery they hoped for. I have been at Linden Tree since 2002 and the word recovery is used daily, because we produce recovery and in great numbers. We all adore what we do because what we do works more effectively than anything else available.

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