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All your anxiety recovery courses, recovery resources and life coaching in one place. Because mental and physical wellness is everyone's right.


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You are preprogrammed to be anxiety free.

It all starts with knowledge.

"Every waking-day is your opportunity to train your mind to become anxiety free. But people struggle to create that change and to return to the lives they deserve. So we're changing the game.

It's time for you to take back control - through knowledge. It's time for evidence based, scientific tools, coaching and guidance that produces real results: Emotional and physical balance. Let's get you balanced... together."

Charles Linden, Developer of The Linden Method


Get Direction

Simple, direct recovery instructions. Constant access to guidance and support that changes your life!

Recovery Webinars and Email Support

Enjoyable, enlightening and reassuring recovery guidance when you need it. Never be alone with your questions or concerns again.

Learn and Recover on the Go

Unlock life-changing courses and watch them on the go. Use our stress, anxiety and phobia busting resources wherever you are.


Get Guided to Recovery.

Members get engaging, fun, life-transforming coaching sessions with the world's most influential recovery and wellbeing teachers.

Our highly qualified coaches have decades of experience at the coalface of psycho-educational recovery practice. Theres no question they cannot answer. Below are just some of our experts.


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Some of the 1000s of client reviews we have received since 1997

The most inspiring community of your life.

If you've always wanted a positive community to learn from, and receive qualified, simple instruction and support, join over 370,000 clients from around the globe. Know what they know.

Why People Love The Linden Method

Energy. Knowledge. Encouragement. Direction. Community.
All in One Environment for Recovery... Together.

My life was 180 degrees changed!


"Hi everyone! My life was 180 degrees changed after implementing Charles Linden Method of Panic and Anxiety attacks relief. This method is 100% medicine free which created the urge for me to tell about this to everyone suffering from the same conditions I did."

I was able to regain my life back!


"After I have bought this system and used it, my Anxiety Attacks were gone. The result was so drastic. I was able to regain my life back. I felt as if my life became clear, a major block had been removed from my life and started to enjoy with my life with my kids again. I was not living in fear anymore."

A light at the end of a tunnel!


"Hello Charles! I just want to say thanks because your book was like light at the end of the tunnel. I had agoraphobia for 6 years (attacks, anxiety), and I change over 20 psychologists and psychiatrists but they couldn`t help. After 6 years, I`m OUT again, feel so good, like nothing ever happened. I wish you all best. I cant give u a hug, coz u done so much for me and people around me."

All The Recovery Tools You Will Need

It’s time for change. This time, let’s make recovery happen.


How The Linden Method Will Change Your Life:

  • Life-changing app for simple recovery guidance and support.

  • LIVE coaching every week from the world's most experienced recovery experts.

  • Online courses from the most influential wellness teachers.

  • Global community of 1000's of clients and supportive recovered clients.


Accessing our recovery webinar coaches separately would cost over £600/$1000 per month!

Practical Advice from the Most Influential Recovery Teachers in the World!

  • Charles Linden: Bestselling author of "The Linden Method", "Stress Free in 30 Days", "The Grief Brief", Journey out of Agoraphobia", "Life of Fear" and over 50 more works.
  • Beth Linden: Founder of Anxiety Recovery Retreats and a coach who has helped tens of thousands since 1997.
  • Jenny Brookes: Psychologist to some of the world's leading organisations. Lead Educator at LTE.
  • Kathy Donovan: Psychotherapist and LAR Recovery Coach who's helped thousands over 20 years in the industry.
  • ...and many more.

We also have many mentors and coaches joining you in our sessions throughout the year.

It would cost you tens of thousands to get coaching from all these experts through private or nationalised healthcare, but now you get it for less than 50p/$1 a day.

Life Changing - Inspiration

Meet Charles, TLM creator and lead educator.

Charles will be your guide and coach. Charles is the founder of Linden Tree Education and according to Hay House Publishing he's "the world's leading anxiety recovery expert." The Times said "Charles really seems to have found The Holy Grail." Charles is also one of the most followed and trusted personal development consultants in the world, with over 30 million people having accessed his help, best-selling publications, 1 million email subscribers, 50 million video views, 20-plus online courses, a Who's Who of coaching clients, and 25 years leading the online recovery industry - he was the first provider of online, remote mental health services (Since 1997).

Charles' management charges hourly fees for his coaching time, but now he's YOUR lead recovery coach. Every week, he'll introduce you to the LIVE webinar schedule and he and our experts will lead you to recovery! Access it all as little or as much as you wish.

How good is The Linden Method?

The UKs NHS tested The Linden Method and found that out of the 68 clients in the test, they all made an reduction in their anxiety from 18.24 out of 21, to 2.84 - Total recovery.

Get Started

You will receive immediate access to the recovery guidance and resources.

The full Linden Method program with lifetime access and phone and email support for 12 months


The full Linden Method program with twice weekly access to live, interactive recovery webinars


The full Linden Method junior program with lifetime access and 1 yr support for parent and child



Get the direction and confidence you need in every area of your life!

Break through fear, anxiety, low confidence, phobias, obsessions, and fatigue!

You don't have to be stuck anymore. You don't have to wait. You just have to understand and master your emotions. We'll show you how!

Anxiety naturally fades away when you know how!

It's hard to see the wood for the trees when you are caught up in intrusive thoughts, physical symptoms, information overload and bad advice. But with good advice, that all changes!

Grow exponentially because you can't recover if you don't understand your condition!

When you understand how you body and mind create fear, and you get coaching and mentoring, you naturally recover. You get tools and coaching from people who have been there and come out of it, pioneered research, and helped millions of people over 25 years.

Find (refind) Your True Self!

Feeling lost, or disconnected from your life? Confused about all the advice you've been given? So are a lot of people just like you! So who breaks out? Those who get the recovery coaching they need to give the total CLARITY. Our coaches help you re-align to what's important to you and your total recovery, every week!

Master Your Health, Wellbeing & Relationships!

If you feel like you're not in the BEST HEALTH or the BEST relationship or your wellbeing is low? But don't understand why, you just need the correct strategy. You don't need to 'get out', take pills or make major changes to your life. Our coaches will help!

Members' Only App!

Learn and attend wherever you are, and access exclusive audios, videos, coaching and resources in our app! This all-in-one recovery and wellbeing app can be accessed on desktop or mobile. The app holds your live training, content, replays, and all the tools you need to keep recover.